7 Ways to Look More Stylish and Fashionable

To look fashionable, you don’t always have to wear expensive clothes, know complicated styles, or even wear trending outfits. Looking fashionable and stylish like someone living in New York can be as easy as just putting on a piece of jewelry, wearing layers, putting on a hat, or putting on glasses.

Let’s look at several ways you can look more fashionable.

Wear Matching Sets

Myahing sets are an easy way to look fashionable. Any suit that is coordinated looks very stylish. Then, you can pick a good accessory and shoes that fit it.

Use pieces of jewelry

Accessories can give your outfit a visual impact and add to your personality. For example, when you put on neutral color clothes, wear jewelry pieces that would accent the clothes. Pieces of jewelry draw attention and are attractive to behold.

You can easily get pieces of trending jewelry or follow the latest fashions, so you don’t need to worry. A good example would be to put on a red dress while pairing it with a piece of black jewelry like earrings, necklaces, or bracelets.

If you are stumped with where to get jewelry pieces, you can check out places like the Montserrat New York earrings. However, you have to ensure that your clothes and jewelry color match. They should complement each other.

Have a Matching Wardrobe

When you fill your wardrobe with matching outfits, you would have numerous options. However, if you want an effortless, fashionable style, your wardrobe should consist of pieces that complement or match each other.

With such a wardrobe, you would be able to center your dressing on factors such as your preference, comfort, or even weather. In addition, you would not be limited by any combination of style or by color.

Combine Patterns

If you want to look more fashionable, you should choose patterns that crash while combining various colors. You can start with mixing mild combinations or colors to be safe. Then you can up your game gradually, and you get a bold look. A good option would be to start with basic patterns or checks.

Use Layers

Layers are stylish, especially in winter when you need to cover up. You can try wearing a coat over your dress or shirt.

Style your Hair

To look more stylish, you should style your hair. You can keep a simple style or style it to make it look nice. It is not necessarily essential to style your hair for hours. Just make it pleasant. You should use fewer products such as hairspray or gel; instead, opt for a more natural and effortless style.

Find Inspiration

If you don’t know how to look stylish, no problem. You need to follow up on fashionistas like celebrities or style stars on Instagram. Then, find styles or fashions that inspire you, and equip your wardrobe with what you like.

That’s A Wrap

Most people think looking stylish or fashionable is a bother. However, you need to be disciplined and consistent. So try out the tips above and watch out for the change.


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